Google Update or Bug?

Google Update or Bug?

Yesterday, August, 10th the forums were boiling with many digital marketers showing a loss in traffic to their sites. Is this an unconfirmed Google Update or Bug?

Google updates have a history of surprising changes that SEO’s pickup through its analytics dashboard. This leaves us all guessing as to what Google is doing. Back in 2018, there was an unconfirmed update that happened on Halloween and on Valentine’s Day. Both of these have still gone unconfirmed by Google, but many of us saw the shift in our results.

Here’s a list of Algorithm Updates in this article from Search Engine Journal: Google Algorithm History

But don’t fret! We got the answer to the question if this is a Google update or bug? A Google spokesperson came out stating last night. “I confirmed with the team that this is a bug that we are fixing but still in the process of fully diagnosing, so we don’t have specific details to share right now. “ Take a look at Search Engine Land’s article: A Google Search bug wreaked havoc on the search results last night

What If a Secret Google Update Does Happen in the Search Engines?

Let’s set the scene as many felt this on Monday, August, 10th. Which we have now determined that the google update was a bug. Let’s get back to setting the scene.

You put a lot of work into your website from technical SEO and many hours into keyword research. Your articles are also written very well with a lot of thought. Now all this hard work and patients that you put into your company awarded you with first page results. One day you log into your analytics dashboard and you see that your traffic dipped or completely stopped! You are in panic mode and searching the internet to figure out what is going on?

Do not panic. Stay calm and observe the landscape that is the google search engine results pages. Take a look at what has climbed rank over the next days and analyze what they are doing. Is there anything standing out that you are not pursuing? It could be social media marketing, blogging, keywords, images, videos etc. Take the time to research and see where you are able to beat the competition.

No matter what is going on and yes, in this case, it was a problem with Google. But if you are seeing a significant drop in traffic to your site, there’s a problem. Keep in mind Google’s end goal “how you are able to play a part in the master plan. How do you provide value to their end-user?

Long Term SEO Strategy and Patience

SEO is a patience and strategy game. Google is not here to hurt your results if you are adding value to Google’s customer base. Who is Google’s customer base? Anyone that uses Google (5.6 billion users per day) to search for everything. From educational content to finding services and products.

Ask yourself, if you saw a dip in your results and traffic are you providing valuable content? Is it clear and concise for your ideal client? Does it educate, create value, and is it easy to read and understand?

Obviously, you shouldn’t put all your marbles into one bucket when it comes to SEO. Google has mentioned over the years that your content should be targeted to your end-user and create value. The algorithm has and is being molded to find content like a human would. So are you writing for yourself or for your ideal customer?

Remember that SEO is a long-term strategy that will prove fruitful month after month and year after year. All you need to do is keep your website updated with the latest SEO techniques

Alchemy Marketing is Always Ready to Assist Where we are Able

We have many clients that we service for SEO results. Yesterday when everyone was in a panic we were analyzing and reading the landscape. For our clients, our search results were not damaged. We still have first page results for our clients and we didn’t see a significant drop in traffic. Actually, we saw a slight boost in traffic yesterday!

This being said. We take precautions to ensure that we are always at the forefront of what is going on in the market. We are always slightly adjusting and running tests to find niches within the guidelines fo google and create value.

If you are in need of an SEO rundown or newly built SEO website that targets your ideal client. Alchemy Marketing would enjoy the opportunity to talk with you.

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